Installation of electric motors

The installation of electric motors in areas classified by the manufacturer must be done by trained professionals with knowledge of safety regulations and requirements 1hp 56c Motors . Before starting the installation some points should be evaluated:

– On the coupling: remove the device that locks the shaft and the corrosion protection grease from the shaft end and the flange only shortly before installing the engine;

– In insulation resistance: it must be within acceptable values;

– On bearings: If the motor is installed and does not start immediately, check the condition of the bearings;

– in the condition of starting capacitors: for single-phase motors stored for more than two years, it is recommended that the capacitors be replaced before operation;

– no drain: they must be positioned so that drainage is facilitated at the lowest point of the engine;

– In the connection box: They must be clean and dry inside and the contact elements must be free of oxidation and properly connected.

– On ventilation: flaps, inlet and outlet must be clean and unobstructed. The recommended installation distance between the engine air intakes and the wall shall not be less than ¼ (one quarter) of the air inlet diameter.